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Savannah Fortis.

Savannah Fortis is a photographer and writer from Los Angeles, California. Savannah uses the power of images to tell unheard stories throughout the world. Her work primarily focuses on subcultures, strange occurrences, and alternative travel in the documentary style. She has traveled through 33 countries and counting.

Savannah is concluding a nine-month Fulbright fellowship that had her living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she found the inspiration for her most recent project, "A Country In Transit". Savannah believes that the importance of travel is not just to see, but to fully experience and get to know the place in which we all call home.

All photos used on this website were taken by and are the property of Savannah Fortis. 

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Past Work: 

- 2015 JJ Design Company for "Tieman's Coffee" (product photography)
- 2016/2017 Private wedding, engagement , graduation, professional headshots.
- 2017/2018 1000 Words - independent journalism and blogging.
- 2017/2018 Photographer for upcoming travel book, "You Are Not Here: Travel Through Countries That Don't Exist"
- 2018 "No War Festival " event coverage for CVS Bulgaria (NGO photography)
- 2018 Photographer for independent researcher working with refugees (NGO photography)
- 2018 freelancer
- 2018 The Calvert Journal, "Simple pleasures: escape to Albania’s tranquil lakeside town"
- 2018 The Calvert Journal, "Colourful snapshots of Bulgaria, the Balkans and beyond"
- 2018 "A Country In Transit: Buglaria" photography book. 
- 2018 "A Country In Transit: Bulgaria" Aether Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
- 2018 Conde Nast Traveller, October 2018 Eastern Europe spread.