A Country in transit

My project developed, fittingly enough, on a bus ride through Western Bulgaria to the small village of Radilovo. Looking out the window of the bus I began to think about all of the life I pass while in transit, all of the human lives I encounter while in transit, and all of the changes that occur going from one place to another. These thoughts accumulated into thoughts about myself and being in a transitional phase of life - living in Bulgaria for only nine months. Also to thoughts of living in a country that is going through a transition. A transition of its entire societal structure. From my very first moments in Bulgaria, I heard Bulgarians discuss feelings of being 'stuck' in transition and it has since lingered in my mind. 

All of these moments of pondering manifested into my current undertaking, "A Country In Transit". It is a photographic narrative created by a person (me) in a transitional phase of life, in transit across a country that is undergoing a transition. All the photos selected for the project will have been taken while in transit from one place to another. 

All photos for this project were taken on 35mm film. 

Sofia, Bulgaria Exhibition: June, 2018
Photo book: June, 2018